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IT specialists

We speak IT and think IT

Our recruiters have a solid knowledge and deep understanding of IT technology, accumulated over the years of servicing the industry. They speak the language of IT and will match your skills to the job requirements in a competent and efficient way.

At MiNDS we highly value people. To us candidates are not just a CVs- their interests, goals and aspirations are of primary concern to us and a key element of our vision for recruitment. MiNDS People is genuinely different from the traditional recruitment companies and our candidates are convinced in that from the very first contact with us.

Why MiNDS?

Why Minds

We’ve got attitude, not check-lists

We believe a casual talk with you over a drink or a meal in a place you like can show more of your best skills and qualities than a rigid interview in an office. Our recruiters do much more than ticking a checklist: the format of our meetings with candidates is anything but an interview. They will not try to "measure" you against a standard scale but will understand your interests, competencies and aspirations in an open and friendly manner. 

We offer you only job opportunities that fit your profile

Our mission is to place IT specialists in jobs where they can develop their skills and talents and bring value to their team and company. That's why MiNDS would not try to "sell" you to a company by all means; instead our recruiters will only approach you with job opportunities that meet your requirements and fit your profile.

We give you employer insight

Bringing talent and opportunity together is a process with two sides. Both you and the employer should feel equally comfortable with each other and equally positive about working together. To eliminate the risk of eventual disappointments in the future, our recruiters brief you about the company, its team, culture and working atmosphere and help you understand your future employer so that you feel comfortable and appreciated in your new job.

We make communication clear & easy

Open and honest communication is one of MiNDS' key principles. We give you sincere feedback, make clear and transparent offers and keep close communication with you throughout the recruitment process.

Success Stories

Petar Nikolovski


I am satisfied with the cooperation, from the moment we got in touch, we quickly scheduled the initial meeting, and the whole process was transparent. Especially that we were in contact during the whole process, and you gave me feedback after every step. I am also glad that you take feedback even after employment and it gives me confidence for some future notice if I ever decide to change my job again.

Jelena Milanović


In general, I am satisfied with my new job. I like the field of work and the fact that we contribute to making someone's life more fun and/or easier because of our work. There are a lot of experienced and smart engineers in the team, so it is possible to learn everything. I am very satisfied with the terms and benefits. The only negative impressions I have at the moment are related to the organization of the project because the tasks are not sometimes very well planned and defined. We are working on it and the managers are working hard, so I believe that this segment will improve. Also, it's strange to me that there is no pressure, the quality of the work is important and yet some colleagues insist that something should just be rushed and put into production, but it's nothing unusual.

As for the cooperation with you - I have all the praise for that. First of all, you targeted me well on LinkedIn regarding the position. Recruiters often contact me and offer to work with technologies that I have no experience with (and the technologies listed on my profile are relevant).

I really liked how you presented all three companies you talked about. In fact, I didn't have to ask you anything extra - you covered the areas of work, responsibilities of the potential candidate, expectations, criteria, selection process, well explained working conditions and benefits. Since I got a job at Snap One, I can confirm that all the information was correct. Another thing that I really liked was that you contacted people from the company immediately, and I didn't have to wait too long for the selection process. It's nice that you gave me feedback from the interview right away. :)

Novak Stanković

Engineering Software Lab

Very pleasant and detailed communication with Tamara helped me change my job. After my employment, we stayed in touch, so that I can also help my friends with changing jobs or finding a job together with Tamara. I'm glad that MiNDS People has such people in their team.

Milan Jaćimović

PIA Digital

Although I wasn't even thinking about changing a job, Katarina contacted me and suggested that we meet and talk about my experience and wishes without any obligation. She listened to me carefully and then suggested potential options. Together we narrowed down the choices and found the one that would suit me.

All communication with her took place in an informal, friendly tone and she made every conversation we had very pleasant. She answered my questions with pleasure and in a short time (and I am a person who asks a lot of them!), she even researched and contacted my future employer to make sure it would be the right place for me.

To be honest, although the opportunity was very exciting, the change of job itself scared me a lot, but she helped me not only to resolve even the smallest dilemmas but also to see for myself how much I'm worth and gather courage and make an important decision. Our communication did not end when the contract was signed, but we also spoke after starting my new job, to talk about whether I was satisfied with the choice.

Katarina not only met but also greatly exceeded my expectations. You can see that she knows and loves what she does. My impression is that she really cares about helping people to progress and be happy with their careers. Today, I am very satisfied with my new workplace, and she had a big contribution to it. All recommendations!

Miloš Kojadinović


After almost two years in the same company, I was relatively satisfied and didn't think about changing jobs, so I had been turning down recruiters for a while. However, I was thinking of checking the current state of the market and seeing if I could get better terms than the current ones. During those days, Jovana from MiNDS contacted me and I decided to listen to what they had to offer.

The meeting with them looked like this: after the introductory presentation in which I stated my conditions, they presented the companies that would meet those conditions. As I was satisfied with my current job, I decided to try only one company, which according to their presentation seemed to meet my expectations the best, and we continued the process further.

During the entire process and negotiations with the company that made the offer, Jovana checked the status, acted as a mediator in communication and scheduled meetings. When the company made an offer and I received a counteroffer, I hesitated, and when I told Jovana, she communicated that to the new company, so I got somewhat better conditions for the transfer than I initially asked for.

When the transfer happened, the communication did not stop there, even after I got a job, and after a period of time, they checked whether I was satisfied and whether they "hit" the company for me.

The advantages I noticed are that it is faster, because in one meeting several companies are presented, and it is possible to immediately eliminate ones that will not meet the requirements. It is immediately in the interest of both to find the best overlap among several companies, while internal recruiters in companies want to attract to their own company, while there was no pressure here at all to try in that particular company from those offered. As they told me, and I believe them, they firstly do a check of the companies they are recruiting for, which they will surely do better than I do.

It felt like I had a hiring manager, which was easier for me than if I had to do it myself. It was the first time that I was not looking for a company myself, but through a recruiting company, and next time I will change jobs in the same way

Uroš Ćirić


Snap One came across as a well-organized company that invests in product quality and employee satisfaction. The team consists of people with good knowledge and different interests which makes this place good for learning and exchanging ideas. When it comes to the selection process, as I said earlier, the most important thing was and still is because you connected me with the company that really fits me. Also, I really appreciate it because you presented every significant detail to me even before the first interview. Every interview was easy, pleasant with only relevant and necessary questions

Milica Božić

Engineering Software Lab

Cooperation with MiNDS has been pleasant and efficient since the beginning. During all of this time, they came across as really professional and, more important for the IT industry, very flexible. In addition to this, we really appreciate that our partners tend to keep a good image of our company which MiNDS perceives seriously and we’re really grateful for that.

Galina Staikowa


I also thank you for your extremely professional attitude of MiNDS, and yours in particular. I am very glad that you once again met my expectations by being able to give me accurate, transparent and useful information about the position and the company. I know it is not at all easy to be an intermediary in finding a job, being good both to the employer and the job seeker. If after so many years I continue to trust MiNDS, it is because for me you are the best in this field.

Kiril Rechanski


The whole process was very pleasant and professional! I really liked that you put the time and efforts to identify exactly the kind of positions that I would be interested in. In addition, the information that was included about the companies helped me a lot for the interviews.

Ivelina Koleva


It was a pleasure working with you throughout the entire process!

Several of your colleagues have contacted me over the years, but only your suggestion has resulted in a new job. I was impressed with how well it fit my skillset.

I was also pleasantly surprised by our conversations - short, clear, professional. The way he presented Halo was very objective but intriguing at the same time.

Yoan Serafimov


Thank you for your proactivity, cooperation and support, helping me find the best job position for me. What I liked in our work together is the friendly and professional attitude, constantly provided feedback and next steps.

Alexander Dimitrov


Your work was really quite good and I have a very good impression of both you and MiNDS.


Relationship is all.

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