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About Us


MiNDS People was established in 2008 by a team of professionals bringing solid knowledge in the IT recruitment services. Our team has a long history of recruiting together for leading international IT companies - Microsoft, Deloitte, UBER, Computer Science Corporation and many more. 

The precious experience of working in a dynamic and competitive international environment, servicing the leaders of the booming high-paced IT industry, now brings to MiNDS’ team solid professional know-how and a deep, insider understanding of IT business. That, coupled with the ambition and energy of a motivated team, has become the driving force of MiNDS: we quickly positioned as one of the top IT recruitment companies and have won the confidence and trust of more than 30 clients in EU. 

We believe that all IT specialists have their unique mix of skills, potential and talent, and that for each of them there is a workplace that would bring out the best in them. Successful recruitment project is about finding the perfect match between what a person can do and aspires to do. In our everyday work we strive to give talents the best opportunity to develop and excel, and vice versa - give each opportunity the best professional that would make the most of it.​



Responsibility and engagement

Enthusiasm and passion

Respect and understanding

No compromise with the quality of our service

Open and straightforward communication

Understanding the needs.

Common sense.

Relationship is all.

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