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IT Recruitment – permanent placements

Based on our solid knowledge of IT community, we identify, contact and motivate the best fit for any IT position.

As we are specialized in IT recruitment, we know very well how diverse and unique the people and the positions in the IT sector may be. That's why MiNDS has developed and offers to its clients flexible and versatile services suited to pinpoint the best candidates in a multitude of situations - from entry-level to project leaders and IT gurus with unorthodox mix of talents.


Dedicated team

Sometimes launching a project quickly is of great importance. MiNDS has helped a number of customers building and managing IT teams till the time the respective customer has the possibility of directly hiring the team.


Choosing a recruitment company is the first important decision a company makes in putting a solid team together. We have at least 10 good reasons why you should choose MiNDS as your recruitment partner.

Why MiNDS?

Why Minds

For the past 10 years we’ve gathered at least 10 good reasons to partner with MiNDS:

IT sector exclusive

We recruit exclusively for the IT sector. We think IT and speak IT.


We give you access to quality passive candidates who don't normally reply to job ads.


We have the full array of sourcing instruments to choose from, based on each client’s needs and preferences.

Read between the lines

We have a team of professional recruiters trained in IT who know how to read between the lines of job descriptions.


We follow a transparent, communication-based recruitment process that brings you talented motivated professionals, not just employees.


We know our candidates personally, much beyond their CV.


We know the IT business inside-out. We understand how IT companies work and what their recruitment needs are. 


We are fast and efficient.


We never compromise with quality and always deliver on our promises.

To the point

We pitch your company, team and management to the candidates, making sure every job applicant we present to you believes in what you do and shares your values.

Success Stories

Zorana Stracenski


We cooperate with the MindsPeople agency on the recruitment of several different product and development positions. What sets them apart from some other agencies is first of all very smooth and simple cooperation. Since we started our cooperation, through the initial briefing, to communication with the candidates, we managed to solve everything extremely quickly, following a very short and simple process. What additionally means to us is their adaptability in the matter of various unplanned changes during the process itself from our side, which today are an integral part of employment in IT.

Sava Nikolov


Alaric Securities

MiNDS are a great partner and I really enjoy working with them. It is cliche, but it is always the same old good cliche: acting super fast, helping, understanding our needs in details and only recommending really good fits. In Alaric Securities with their help we managed to acquire great talents in a specific niche, including good understanding of real-time trading software systems. They helped us in every line we needed help: with QAs, PMs, frontend devs, backend devs, etc. I'm highly thrusting and recommending MiNDS.

Krasen Georgiev



SkyFi has had a great experience with MiNDS’ speed, professionalism, and transparency. We were introduced to great candidates and managed to hire successfully in a short period of time.

Connor Hughes

Senior Recruiter


Zornitsa Ilieva, and the team from MiNDS have devoted their time to helping Quickbase grow in Bulgaria. Since 2019, they have been instrumental in helping us achieve our exponential hiring goals from 18-to-80 engineers. Providing both talent and volume, we never had any issue with pipeline – even for some of the most difficult and highly sought after technical skillsets. MiNDSPeople is always available to sync-up and discuss recruiting strategies, and can quickly pivot their searches as the business requirements naturally change. I, personally as a US citizen, have learned so much about representing Quickbase to a completely new country and culture thanks to this team. I am forever indebted to their incredible partnership.

Gergana Kirilova

Recruiting Manager, EMEA


MiNDS and Software AG share a 13 years of successful partnership. Over the years MiNDS proved to be effective, trusted and reliable partner for us and continue supporting Software AG's growth to this day.

I highly appreciate Mind's personal approach, professionalism and expertise. Their recruitment consultants provide valuable and useful insights on the market and more important: they know our history, culture, products and teams which helps them provide really best fit candidates. Additional to that I appreciate the detailed candidate information that accompanies each applicant. That saves me time and make the decision faster and easier.

In this fast-speed world that we live and work in the fast, accurate and on time communication is a critical to every process and this is what make the cooperation with MiNDS so effective and pleasant.

But what is really impressive about MiNDS in my opinion, is the strong relationship they build with every single candidate they are engaged with. That makes MiNDS a trusted partner not only for the companies but for candidates too. Once I remember a candidate provided from MiNDS said: " If MiNDS recommended you as a good company suitable for my career goals I believe it is true" . So I would say that what distinguishes them is that they care!

Alexander Kolev

Director of Engineering

Halo Diagnostics

MiNDS have been instrumental in sourcing for some of the most difficult JDs we've had over the years. We've been working with them for 2+ years and they've been nothing but professional, great to communicate with, efficient and understanding.

The results we get with MiNDS are incomparable to other recruiting agencies, which is self-evident of their value add to your hiring pipeline. Highly recommended!

Аna Genova

Manager HR Bulgaria

Wacom Europe GmbH

It’s always a good idea to get into contact with MiNDS. We have been working with them since we have started expanding our local office and we could firmly state that this is the trusted partner that penetrates and reflects timely to our hiring needs and strategies. What makes their work outstanding is the profound understanding on the software branch and the general market knowledge they have, the individual care for candidates and of course the professional and flexible approach that we are receiving every time. Thank you for being great external HR team for us!

Sucess Sotries
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