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Our approach



Understanding the needs

Yes, we do believe we approach recruitment differently. And the very bottom line is rather simple – we give our best to understand our candidates before we “sell” any of our customers and on the flip side – it is crucial to realize what the true customer need is before recommending any of the candidates we know. This simple principle is the milestone in the way we approach each and every recruitment project.

Common sense

We do not want to waste anyone's time and that’s why we try to make things as simple as possible. No pitching emails or vague offers. We try to match all parties’ expectations with a common sense.

Relationship is all

We are proud to share that we have more than 15 customers whom we support for 10+ years. On the flipside, we stay in touch with candidates for year before they decide they have identified the right opportunity. We relate to all parties by trust.




Conversations less formal

Candidates, especially those with a couple of jobs in their CVs, develop a reflex towards interviews: they either want the job and are willing to say what they think the interviewer wants to hear, or they have decided in advance that they are not interested and would not put enough effort in presenting themselves properly. 

Keep it open and easy

We meet candidates so we give them better understanding of the market and get to know them personally. We don’t want to necessarily ‘sell’ an opportunity. Meetings take place outside the office. The conversations are less formal, over coffee or during lunch, which makes it easier for authentic facts and truths that are left outside the CV to surface in a natural and unmediated manner.

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